Adobe Connect Labs

Mother of Divine Grace offers additional math, science and language support for students through our Adobe Connect Labs. Students taking math, science and language classes in Learning Support may sign up for personalized tutoring sessions in an Adobe Connect classroom with an MODG teacher to review work and problems. Students taking math, science and language classes in Teacher Services may raise their course to Teacher Enhanced Directed-Lab in order to meet with the MODG teacher in an Adobe Connect classroom. We no longer offer Adobe Connect Labs outside of Learning Support/Teacher Services.

Meet Ed M – Class of 2004

Ed graduated from the University of Nebraska, Omaha in 2010 on a full tuition, 5 year Regent scholarship. He earned a double degree—International Studies with East Asia emphasis and International Studies with Business emphasis—along with a minor in Japanese (the most he could get at UNO) and his Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification. Ed was inducted into several honor societies, most notably Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society and Sigma Iota Rho, Honor Society for International Studies. He received a tuition waiver to study in Japan for one school year (his junior year). Ed is part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program and currently teaching English as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in three schools in the Hiroshima area. He also is doing some volunteer work translating into English some eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima.

Students can add Adobe Connect Labs on to a Learning Support course to get 24 meetings of 30 minutes in an Adobe classroom to review work and problems; in addition to the standard 1 or 2 weekly Learning Support classes (which include grading).

Math Labs support is available for the following texts:

Science Labs support is available for the following texts:

Note: These labs are not designed to assist the student with laboratory experiments assigned in the syllabus; rather they are meant to help students with particular concepts presented in the text.

Language Labs support is available for the following texts:

Elective Labs are available for the following courses:

Grade School Overview

Students in 3rd-6th Grade can sign up for our Grade School Teacher Overview to receive additional support, direction and review in key academic courses. Students who sign up for Teacher Overview submit key assignments from their grade level in Religion, Math, English, Science, History and Latin. The assignments are chosen from our standard courses within the 3rd-6th Grade Syllabi. Overview assignments are submitted to an MODG teacher, often the student's family consultant, who reviews and grades these assignments, explains problem concepts and provides tips on how to improve work. The Overview teacher primarily provides written feedback to the student but our teachers are available for email questions from the parent. In Overview the parent retains an active role and is responsible for teaching and addressing concepts with the student as well as setting and maintaining goals and deadlines. (Please note: Students in the Overview Program may take a limited number of non-standard courses, but they may not submit these non standard assignments to their teacher for grading.)

For information on our Registration and Course Fees, please see the Enrollment - Pricing Breakdown page.

Hear from Our Families:

“We believe Modg has guided us well in achieving [our son's] success. The college was pleased, as well as impressed, with our son's home study courses through Modg and having Modg consulting services and keeping our records has been extremely beneficial in our home schooling pursuits. It is obvious in our situation that homeschooling with Modg allowed our son (and other children), to achieve a high standard of education with the religious formation we desire as part of our children's education. The program helps promote a love of the true and good, noble and beautiful, and with a focus on art and music study integrated throughout, it also allowed time for our son to pursue a field of interest and spend time becoming proficient in it, in his case, art. Because of the excellent formation the Modg program provides, our son and we as parents, felt that liberal arts study should continue and our son is looking forward to continuing his art studies within the context of a liberal arts education.”

Denise L
homeschooling mother of four, enrolled since 2004