Adobe Connect Labs

Mother of Divine Grace offers additional math, science and language support for students through our Adobe Connect Labs. Students taking math, science and language classes in Learning Support may sign up for personalized tutoring sessions in an Adobe Connect classroom with an MODG teacher to review work and problems. Students taking math, science and language classes in Teacher Services may raise their course to Teacher Enhanced Directed-Lab in order to meet with the MODG teacher in an Adobe Connect classroom. We no longer offer Adobe Connect Labs outside of Learning Support/Teacher Services.

Meet Rachel D – Class of 2003

Rachel graduated salutatorian of her class from Ave Maria University in 2008 with a BA in Literature and was awarded the Department of Literature Senior Award. Rachel was a National Merit Scholar and received a full-tuition scholarship to Ave Maria University. She also received a full-tuition scholarship plus stipend to attend Georgetown University and earned a MA in English from Georgetown in 2010 receiving a high pass on her orals. Rachel is currently employed at the Augustine Institute in their Distance Education program and is working on a PhD in English at the University of Denver.

Students can add Adobe Connect Labs on to a Learning Support course to get 24 meetings of 30 minutes in an Adobe classroom to review work and problems; in addition to the standard 1 or 2 weekly Learning Support classes (which include grading).

Math Labs support is available for the following texts:

Science Labs support is available for the following texts:

Note: These labs are not designed to assist the student with laboratory experiments assigned in the syllabus; rather they are meant to help students with particular concepts presented in the text.

Language Labs support is available for the following texts:

Elective Labs are available for the following courses:

Grade School Overview

Students in 3rd-6th Grade can sign up for our Grade School Teacher Overview to receive additional support, direction and review in key academic courses. Students who sign up for Teacher Overview submit key assignments from their grade level in Religion, Math, English, Science, History and Latin. The assignments are chosen from our standard courses within the 3rd-6th Grade Syllabi. Overview assignments are submitted to an MODG teacher, often the student's family consultant, who reviews and grades these assignments, explains problem concepts and provides tips on how to improve work. The Overview teacher primarily provides written feedback to the student but our teachers are available for email questions from the parent. In Overview the parent retains an active role and is responsible for teaching and addressing concepts with the student as well as setting and maintaining goals and deadlines. (Please note: Students in the Overview Program may take a limited number of non-standard courses, but they may not submit these non standard assignments to their teacher for grading.)

For information on our Registration and Course Fees, please see the Enrollment - Pricing Breakdown page.

Hear from Our Families:

“I have found Mother of Divine Grace School to be a support both academically and spiritually. As a distance learning school, Mother of Divine Grace offers a quality Catholic education that rivals the top local private schools. As our children are each unique and have their own optimal learning style, the individualized classical curriculum offered by Mother of Divine Grace School was instrumental in facilitating their academic progress. We took advantage of Mother of Divine Grace’s Teacher Assisted Program and Learning Support Classes. Our children were able to have a teacher objectively evaluate their progress through phone consultations/conferences and written assignments. This accountability required our children to be responsible in meeting deadlines and in some instances, correcting work and sending it back to the teacher. Mastery of the material was the focus.”

Paula B
homeschooling mother of three, enrolled since 1997