Teacher Review Program Enrollment

The Registration Fee, New Family Fee, Transcript Evaluation Fees (applicable to for 10th - 12th Grade students transferring from another program) and Special Services Fees are non refundable as soon as enrollment is processed as these fees all pertain to registration.

The Middle School or High School Student Fees are refundable prior to August 1st. After August 1st these fees are non-refundable.

If enrollment is cancelled:

Teacher Services, Learning Support Classes & Adobe Connect Labs

The Registration Fee is non refundable as this fee pertains to registration.

If a course is cancelled:

Hear from Our Families:

“MODG has prepared my children to do very well on standardized testing, and to perform well in college. The MODG curriculum is well designed and easy for me, as a parent, to use to instruct and guide my children's education. Most important for my husband and me has been that our Catholic faith is integrated into the curriculum in a way that helps our children to learn their faith and come to appreciate it's richness. My graduated children have continued to be practicing Catholics.”

Teresa T
homeschooling mother of five, enrolled since 1999